hear me out!

I said my first words (“Hey Girl!”) when I was 5 months and I haven’t stopped talking since.

I’m always honored when people invite me onto their platforms to chat. Check them out below!

And feel free to contact me if you’d like me to speak on your podcast, panel or pulpit.

Photo from @noncorporategirls on Instagram

Photo from @noncorporategirls on Instagram

Non-Corporate girls, podcast

"Ayanna (@the_aya_brand) and Delaila (@missdelailac) kickback with Jazmine Henley-Brown. On her resume is podcast host, producer and writer. The Milwaukee transplant who now resides in the Big Apple has left her digital footprint amongst various projects. Her most notable, the Milwaukee Podcast Festival where Charlamagne The God and Andrew Schultz of the Brilliant Idiots headlined was also a turning point moment in her career. Jazmine dubs this year “Child’s Play”, tapping into her child-like innocence and lack of fear to guide her back to the right path- the one that’ll bring her most joy doing the things she truly loves and working on projects that shift the culture. Listen in to learn about her upcoming show Night View Live and what’s next for the urban quirky creative. Jazmine’s #ObsessedWith are women who are doing the damn thing, with an honorable mention to the Non-Corporate Girls."